Sichuan Pingwu Zhongjin Mining Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhongrun Mining Development Co., Ltd., which holds 52% of its total shares. The company’s mining area is located in northern SichuanProvince, under the administration ofDaqiaoTown,PingwuCounty. The mining area lies in the deep cutting area of high and middle mountains, between 1700 to 2900 meters above sea level with a relative relief of 1200 meters. The landscape is high in the west and north, low in the east and south. The area boasts rich forest resources with lush vegetation, flourishing bushes and arrow bamboo and has an abundant supply of water and electricity resources, with no residents living in the 9-kilometer range of the mining area.

The mining way is underground mining, using footrill and chutes to convey; the setting production of dressed ore is 300 t/d, adopting the method of all slime cyanidation in ore dressing; the tailing mud is stacked through dry filter, and the rain water accumulated in the tailings pond is recycled through water pump. The company’s main product is crude gold, using oxidized ores as principal raw material and solid sodium cyanide and lime as auxiliary material. The main equipment and facilities include crusher, ball grinding mill, spiral classifier, pressure filter, etc. Manufacturing technique consists of crushing, transporting, ball-milling, leaching and filter pressing.

At present, the company has gained mining right of one mine and exploration right of two mines. In 2012, great emphasis was given to the prospecting of these mining areas, making great breakthroughs. According to the data of final hole and laboratory test results, the amount of Au in Ore Body I, III and VIII is preliminarily estimated to be 15.87 tons. It is predicted that production of ore (332+333) in Ore Body I will increase by 3.3 million tons at an average grade of4.38 g/t and the total amount of Au reaches14,471 kg; production of ore (332+333) in Ore Body III will be 155,900 tons at an average grade of4.18 g/t and the total amount of Au reaches651.66 kg; production of ore (332+333) in Ore Body VIII will be 170,000 tons at an average grade of4.38 g/t, and the total amount of gold reaches749.33 kg. The shape and feature of the ore body are still under exploration, therefore holding enormous exploration potential in the future. As last year’s main focus was on prospecting, there is a little decline in the production of the mine. The annual production of Au was31.51 kg.