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Zhongrun Resources in the experience of 10 years of business start-up and development course, has amassed a tremendous of corporate culture, and finally formed the Zhongrun characteristic culture system. It is covered the Zhongrun’s spiritual realm and relentless pursuit of excellence, and also lead Zhongrun progress with big strides.

     Spirit of enterprise>>

Integrity Management / Pragmatic Innovation / Brand Supremacy / Professional Collaboration / Taking Responsibility / Value Expression

(1)Integrity Management:

“Keeping the promise and business integrity” , is the basic tenets and code of ethics, that in Zhongrun development always follow, and it is the fundamental of Century Zhongrun’s Career.

(2)Pragmatic Innovation:

Modest, prudent, practical, is the common work style of Zhongrun; innovation is the Zhongrun’s development power and constantly traditional, is the Zhongrun formation and the way of strengthen the core competitiveness.

(3)Brand Supremacy:

The Zhongrun brand is a valuable achievement that is gradually formed on business growth and staff hard working, and also the best reflect of the company overall strength. Zhongrun cherish the brand as its life. Whether it helped to preserve and increase the value of the brand, which is the one of the criteria of Zhongrun Career’s selection and development.

(4)Professional Collaboration:

Zhongrun has always been to advocate people-oriented and collaboration, focusing on the establishment of a professional management team. The company also advocate a positive, open-mind attitude and professional organizations to strengthen cooperation and jointly achieved the growth and progress of the career .

(5)Taking Responsibility:

Zhongrun is a good enterprise citizen which have sense of responsibility and positive to fulfill it’s social responsibilities.

(6)Value Expression:

Zhongrun’s career is the struggle result by tripartite joint efforts of the society, shareholders and employees, and also it is the concentrated expression of the tripartite value. Zhongrun insist responsible to shareholders and investors, which create an excellent enterprise, to maximize the interests of shareholders; which responsible for the staff and to provide a platform for growth, to realize the personal value of employees; which responsible to customers and partners, to provide high-level products and services; which responsible to society, and to maximize the contribution of forces to achieve sustainable development, harmonious society and realize the social value .

Our Vision>>

A Sustainable Zhongrun’s Career Developed In Harmony

Under the innovation and challenge of the new century, Zhongrun Investment Group devoted itself into be a mainly focused on the mining investment as its leading、investment diversification and sustainable development of innovation joint-stock enterprise group, efforts to create a unity of spirit, with the highly social responsibility and respectable century-old Zhongrun.

(1)Zhongrun will be using mining investment as its leading industry, and readjust the industrial structure occasionally, to achieve the transform both in diversified investment and management.

(2)Sustainable development is the guiding ideology of sustained growth and long-term development in Zhongrun.  Maintaining a steady pace of development is neither excessive expansion, nor too conservative.

(3)Internationalized Zhongrun need international transforming in the brand, the global view and strategic, the business scope, the operation stucture, human resources and capital and funding.

(4)Teamwork is the main driving force for Zhongrun to won the competition and the achieved periodic progress, and it is also the driving force that in Zhongrun for the future development to achieve the medium-and long-term strategic objectives. Zhongrun advocate harmony within the team, unity, cooperation, stick together and willingness to share.

Core Value>>

To Make Life More Valuable

For this aim, we are insisting on:

(1)For the customer, we pursuit the high-quality investment and service satisfaction:

(2)For the society, we are responsible, and pursuit to be the best enterprise citizen;

(3)For the shareholder, we gradually upgrade investor’s profits;

(4)For the employee, we continued to implement the technician capitalized strategy, provide the growth platform.

(5)For itself, we concentrate on to create a company culture which makes life more valuable.

Operation Philosophy>>

Foresight to Meet the World Demand

Management Philosophy>>

Provide Individuals with opportunities to develop a Successful Career; Unify Talents by the Unique Culture; Normalize Behavior by Established Systems

Safety Concept>>

The Life is valuable

Enviroment Concept>>

Green Mining and Mining Green